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It is so easy to expose babies and small children to a noisy environment without thinking about the potential damage they may receive. The ear is a delicate organ and hearing can be easily damaged by loud noises. A baby or young child will probably not protest when the environment is too loud and as their hearing is especially sensitive it can be easily damaged for the rest of their life. Damaged hearing can cause problems with sleeping, behaviour and learning and it is not always picked up until the child is older.
This is a fantastic little idea and perfect for ages 6 months to 10 years. We recently did a renovation and I could have used these daily. They are also great for fireworks night, sporting games, concerts, parties, motor racing and many more occasions. They come in trendy colours too including camo colours…your kids will love them! Shop online at Baby Ear Muffs and buy them for only $35.00.

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