Rock-a-bye Baby

Ever wished you were a baby again? The Leander Cradle available through Urban Baby will definitely make you want to be.

When a little baby is born, it has for nine months been used to the swaying movements from the mother. These movements have soothed the baby, stimulated its senses and given it optimal conditions for intellectual growth. After birth, the soft and slow rhythm of the swaying has been programmed into its cells as being safe and comforting. The desire for the swaying rhythm never leaves us.

The cradle is made from 100% organic cotton and is asthmas and allergy friendly. It is also machine washable at 60 degrees. The cradle can be suspended from a hook in the ceiling or in a tripod. When unclipped, the Cradle can be used as a mobile bed. For further details including size, accessories and pricing please go to Urban Baby.

Urban Baby truly represents what it aims to provide – stylish, practical and innovative products. Their online store displays not only a great range of products but you can really see that each product has been thoughtfully selected to enhance your life as a parent. Urban Baby promises to provide their customers with prompt, efficient, reliable and friendly service. Most items are dispatched next business day otherwise you will be notified and they confidently assure you that when you purchase through Urban Baby you will be pleased with your purchase or your money will be happily refunded.

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