A little wooden block

Toy blocks were made to teach children about gravity and physics and how different parts can become a whole. Who would of thought that a simple wooden block could do so much.
Makes you wonder when the first wooden block was created doesn’t it? Well in 1693, 17th century England, Alphabet Nursery Blocks were being developed and philosopher John Locke felt that play toys and dice with alphabets on them would make learning to read more enjoyable for children. The first mass production of blocks was started in Williamsburg Brooklyn by S. L. Hill in 1820.

Hmmm, on a lighter note…..I found these gorgeous blocks. Available through Tiny Giraffe on Etsy.

Personalised Drawstring Bag (at top) USD $3.81, Vintage Wooden Blocks USD $30.00, Jumbo Truck Blocks – First Puzzle USD $14.24.
PS. The history lesson came from Squidoo.

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