AMAZING Dump Truck Bed!

Some parents are just SO talented. To think of an idea is one thing but to actually create it is another. All boys love dump trucks and I don’t think it would be too hard to get your little guy to bed if this was his. It will feel even more real when he turns the keyed power switch in the dash and the¬†lights, blinkers and horn work….this bed is just AMAZING!

Other Specs: The dimensions are 101 L X 49 W X 60 H inches. It hauls a twin sized mattress with plenty of capacity for your little guy. It has a F. River Tilt Steering Column with working steering wheel, horn, blinkers and flashers. Headlights, turn signals, parking lights, dome light, cargo light and caution lights are all LEDs for a total of 242 LEDs. Roughly 203 feet of wire is routed throughout the truck and power is turned on by a keyed power switch in the dash. The storage area is roughly 45 cubic feet under mattress. Both doors open and close on industrial looking stainless hinges.

If the painting of the Front End Loader on the wall caught your eye, did you notice that the bucket is a bookshelf!

via instructables (pdf with instructions available!)

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