He poos in the backyard!!

Yes my beautiful little boy was going to the toilet (pooing) in the backyard…I felt like we had a puppy!!

How could it get to this? He would be playing in the backyard of an afternoon and the next thing, he is calling out to me “Finished Mum”. Obviously my attempts at persuading him to go in the toilet weren’t working even though he was urinating in the toilet.

Our Speech Therapist at the time told me to take a photo of his poo and put a red cross through it. Show it to him and try to get him to understand that the backyard was not the place to do this. It was going to be a long process but assured me that it would work. I did as she said but when I showed him the photo and explained what it meant, his expression seem to be “yes that is my poo and you even took a photo of it…how great am I!”. He seemed pretty proud of himself. This was definitely going to be a long process!

A few days later, I found his younger brother playing with what seemed to be mud but definitely wasn’t! I knew I had to find a solution fast and I really didn’t have the time (or patience) to show photos to him and hope the message got through! That night an idea hit me in the head. I guess mothers instinct kicks in at desperate times.

The next afternoon, I took some toilet paper out into the backyard around the time that he would normally do his business. I told him to put the paper on the ground and poo on it. He thought this was a new game and to my amazement (I think the whole street heard my excitement) IT WORKED! The next afternoon I put the paper on the toilet floor and told him to poo on it. It worked! The next day, I put the paper in the toilet. It worked! It took me three days. I could not believe it!!

I honestly thought my child was the only one in the world that went through this stage. I have since found out that he is not. I have to say that it is an embarrassing story that I’m sure he will not want to be reminded about later in life and only our family knows about it.

We thank the family for sharing their story with boys TALK readers!

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