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Drawers with robot style

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If you have an old chest of drawers or just don’t like the look of the ones you have, why not paint them and match them to the theme of your boy’s bedroom. I came across this DIY project at Funcycled. Robots I think would be easy for a basic painter (as there are really [...]

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Use a noodle to stop him rolling out!

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I see loads of ideas for pool noodles and this one is an awesome idea if you have moved your little guy into a big bed. Place a pool noodle under the fitted sheet to stop him rolling out of bed at night. Found via RainyDay1235

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Is the cubby looking dull?

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If the cubby house is looking a little dull and boring or the boys want it to look more like a knights castle, why not spray paint it! The owner of this DIY project used three to four cans of Rustoleum spray paint to achieve this great result. The boys will think it is a [...]

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Tree bunk!

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This simple idea would create a great feature in a bedroom. I love how the branches provide a rail type barrier for the top bunk. via designeast

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Play under the bed!

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Why not make use of the area under his bed. You could really create some storage space which neatly tucks away when not in use. Put a play area on top of the drawers and you won’t need a play table in his room. This idea could prevent him creating a mess under his bed. via gltc

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Repurposed Coffee Table

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If you have an old coffee table or small table that you don’t like the style of anymore and it is taking up room in the garage, this is a great DIY project that is sure to make it a useful piece of furniture in a toy room. With a bit of sandpaper and some chalkboard [...]

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Boys and their BBQs!

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This is an awesome DIY project that you have to have ready for summer time. Your little guy will love using this when his Dad is cooking a bbq. Like play kitchens, this play bbq is made from a converted small table which was picked up at a second hand shop. I think you could [...]

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IKEA Bunks have a transformation!

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I love IKEA furniture that has had a trasformation to be more suitable for a family’s needs and wants. This is a perfect example! The beds are Kura beds from Ikea. The owners covered the blue side of the panels with white-washed faux wood adhesive plastic sheets. Curtains were added to create sleeping nooks and the storage [...]

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IKEA Plate Rack = Book Shelf

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I recently posted on the Facebook page a playroom that had lots of great ideas (see above). The thing that caught my eye was the wall mounted book rack. If you are living in the US you are lucky because these are from Pottery Barn Kids who do ship to Australia but the postage is [...]

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AMAZING Dump Truck Bed!

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Some parents are just SO talented. To think of an idea is one thing but to actually create it is another. All boys love dump trucks and I don’t think it would be too hard to get your little guy to bed if this was his. It will feel even more real when he turns [...]

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