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Is the cubby looking dull?

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If the cubby house is looking a little dull and boring or the boys want it to look more like a knights castle, why not spray paint it! The owner of this DIY project used three to four cans of Rustoleum spray paint to achieve this great result. The boys will think it is a [...]

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Animal Art

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With a bit of paint and the boys’ dinosaur collection I think I could manage this DIY project. A jungle animal one would look amazing too! Via Paperyandcakery

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Book Art!

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This is a simple idea that will look great in a toy room or bedroom. If you don’t want to ruin your books, head down to the second hand book shop. They normally have a great range for a few dollars and you won’t feel so bad about cutting the book up. This is one DIY [...]

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Bookends with Character!

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Your boys may freak out if they watch you doing this project so it may be best to do it when they are not around. If you don’t have an army man to do this project, you could use a certain Space Ranger if they have lost interest in him. I wonder if it would [...]

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Lights. Camera. Action. Playroom!

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If you have a little actor in the family who likes to present little shows to the family, he is going to love this idea in his playroom. It is a small budget DIY project that one family created for their little guy, basically out of items they had around the house. I think you could [...]

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Lego Table that will help you sort!

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I don’t have time to sort Lego into colours, size etc. To be honest, all of our Lego is in two boxes and you have to search through to find that special little piece that is always hard to find (that noise does drive me crazy sometimes). I love Lego Tables and the storage containers on [...]

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Skateboard TABLE!

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Unique! Oooozing style!  These playtables are sure to be a talking piece in any playroom or outdoor area. With no board exactly the same, you can be assured that your table will be an original. The table is suitable for kids up to around five to sit at either indoor or out. If you are up for a DIY [...]

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IKEA Step Stool = 1 Cool Play Kitchen!

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If you don’t have much space for a play kitchen in the toy room then this may be the project for you. Ikea sells these Step Stools for $15. Add some coasters, door stops and a wire tray and you have one neat little kitchen! via Grow and Resist

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Car Table – DIY Project

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This is one of the best car/truck tables I have found. Not only is the track awesome but there is loads of storage underneath. A DIY project that you must save for when you have time to create it. via I am momma hear me roar

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The Ikea Spice Rack!

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Clear your diary and head on over to Ikea. I just checked and the Ikea Spice Rack is $6.95! Made of solid birch. Can be sanded and treated. Obviously you can paint it a different colour. Dimensions are: 40cm W x 9cm H x 10cm D. Don’t bother trying to make it! Here is what it looks like [...]

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