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Dinner Winner for sure!

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How cool is this plate!! A dinner winner for sure. Perfect for fussy eaters and I’m positive any boy would want to eat their way through this race track. There is even a special treat at the finish line!! Dinner Winner is available from Munchbox Mini for $29.95

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Love to Pieces

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This one is definitely on my list of ‘must haves’! I’m a big lover of Scrabble but this takes it to a whole new level. Each LoveJFrame is personalised (obviously) and handmade. Ordering is really simple too. You choose your frame and your paper background. There a loads of designs and colours, which is the [...]

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I am Here!

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I think this would have to be one of the best products I have come across since starting Boys Germs. Whether your child can read or not, getting them familiar with their neighbour, streets, landmarks etc is a fantastic way to stay safe. A little info from the creator…. The I am Here play mat [...]

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Marble Run Train Track!

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This reminds me of that old game Mouse Trap. If the boys grow tired of driving trains along the tracks, set up a marble run! via mayamade

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Lego Letter!

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A simple idea that is just soooo effective. I bet you are wondering why you didn’t think of it. Just sitting here thinking of the different colour combinations and pieces I could use….such a unique cool idea. My boys would go crazy if I made it for their wall or door! found via Etsy but you could easily [...]

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My Weather Station

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My six year old is very curious about weather. Every morning on the way to school he gives me a little weather report and his prediction of what the weather will be like during the day. I found this Weather Station and to my delight it is a free printable! Here is the link for [...]

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Net Shelf!

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I don’t want to encourage balls in the house (because I don’t allow them….yes I’m a mean mum) but I thought this shelf looked pretty cool. It would be a great feature in a sports or boat themed room. If you are into DIY projects you could probably recreate it but I think I will just [...]

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Climb and splash!

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One day when I get a pool….. found via AquaClimb

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3D Dinosaur Room!

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If your little guy is into dinosaurs this 3D wall art will really bring them to life. I think they would look amazing in a toy room. Beetling Creations are made using blended foam and a non-toxic, child safe material that is extremely light weight and durable. For further information and to view the other [...]

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Play under the bed!

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Why not make use of the area under his bed. You could really create some storage space which neatly tucks away when not in use. Put a play area on top of the drawers and you won’t need a play table in his room. This idea could prevent him creating a mess under his bed. via gltc

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