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Rubadub Buddies

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Rubadub Buddies are towels with personality. Cute cuddly soft towels that will add lots more fun to bathtime. Find them on Etsy from $35 plus shipping. They can even be personalised with your child’s name.

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Fire Engine Bathtub….if only!

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Just thought I would share this cracker of a find with you. The postage (if they did post to Australia) would be huge but I had to share it with you. Can you imagine bath times in this!!?? As found on Quality Bath.

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Learn, Play & Create in the Tub!

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I’m always on the lookout for bath toys. I think bath time is a great time to interact with your children and even teach them something while having fun. I came across these fun toys that I think will be an absolute treat for the kids but you may have trouble getting them out of the [...]

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Clean fun in the tub!

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I’m always on the lookout for great toys for the bath. Kids love having a bath and these gorgeous Zoo Mitts bring animal antics to bath time. Give your kids a good scrub after playing in dirt while creating pretend play and loads of giggles and tickles. Made from durable, soft cotton terry and designed extra wide [...]

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In the bath with Boon!

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I wonder where the designers at Boon get their ideas? Every time Boon launches a new product I have to put them on Boys Germs. They are just brillant and always so useful. The new Flo is a simple yet genius idea. A Water Deflector, Protective Spout Cover and a Bubble Bath Dispenser! Yes, all this [...]

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Dunck Ducky…oh so busy

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The designers at Skip*Hop are so clever and this simple little idea is brilliant. The Dunck Stacking Bath Toys can stack, rinse, pour and float. A fun toy for kids to play with and a great help for mum and dad. After all the bathtime fun, they stack neatly on the side of the bath ready for [...]

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Space Invaders in the bathtub

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Straight off the screen and into the bath, these space invader soaps are sure to add some fun and may even get your boys washing themselves. They may be a little young to remember space invaders but you could always say they are cute little alien men and let your man enjoy them in the [...]

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The Goldfish is Stuck!!!

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I laughed out loud when I found this cute little goldfish stuck down the plug hole! Well, what can I say…I have to confess, I have flushed a few goldfish in my time. All for good reasons I promise. The last being one fish eating the other ones tail off. Poor little Dorothy! But no fish [...]

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Toilet Paper Saver!

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I can’t tell you how many times this has happened in our house. Not only do my boys find joy in completely rolling it out onto the floor but they then proceed to hide the evidence in the toilet….and then try to flush it. Who wants to unblock a toilet? Not me! This wonderful invention will not only save [...]

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The Potty with the LOT

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I have one trained and two to go. Potty training can sometimes be a daunting experience for the parents let alone the child. The Potty Bench will make this task a little more easy by helping you be as organised as possible. And you do need to be organised especially for the messy times. The [...]

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