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Stackable Toy Storage!

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One, two, three or four. Stack them up or spread them out. Mix and match. Fill them up!  What I love most about this awesome storage solution is that you buy as many as you need and stack them up or spread them out. Perfect if you are restricted by space. If you don’t want a box with a lid, [...]

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Fun time at the table!

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Paint with a cheeky monkey. Build Lego in outer space. Read a book with a friendly penguin. Playtime is sounding like a lot more fun with these cool table and stool sets from Tabletots. They may even keep your little one at the table during mealtimes or be a great addition to a playroom or bedroom. These gorgeous Tabletots settings have [...]

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Shhh…The Pirate is sleeping!

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The ship has set sail and is travelling the dangerous seas. Cannons are at the ready as the Captain holds the ship’s wheel tight. There is treasure to be found on the island where an X will be, so don’t drop the anchors but raise your swords high. This Captain is ready for adventure, not sleep time! The Captain Cutthroat [...]

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Beds dreams are made of…

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If you come across the right bed for your child, it can sit so beautifully in a room that not much else is needed. A little decor here and there but the bed can be so stunning that you won’t want to spoil it or take the attention away from it for a second. If neo-classical, french provincial or [...]

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Perfect for the little toosh!

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For the mini entrepreneur in the making or just a boy who likes to watch Giggle & Hoot in comfort and style, these Egg Chairs are sure to have him feeling like a special little man. Featuring a strong fibreglass inner shell, comfy padding and covered in either high quality wool/cashmere blend fabric or 100% aniline [...]

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All about the Bean!

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I’ve been on the lookout for some beanbags for the boys and I just thought I would share with you a few of my finds. If something tickled your fancy, here is where to buy it: Main Pic – Peanut Beanbag by Sit On It - $248.00 (plus postage from UK) 1. Monkey Bean Bag by Hannah Bannanah – [...]

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Better than a teddy bear!

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I found these gorgeous chairs that your boys will love to snuggle up to. Their very own cuddly animal chair that feels as soft as their teddy bear. These may be a little too big to take to bed but they are sure to have your boys falling asleep in their arms. The generous sized cushions offer firm comfortable [...]

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Furniture that grows!

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If you have ever had a desk job, you would understand the importance of having a desk and chair that meets all the ergonomic requirements. This is the latest in furniture for your boys! Furniture that grows with your child. Desks and chairs that adjust in height, suitable for a child as young as four years, all the way through [...]

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Tambino – Stools & Bedrails!

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Tambino bambino! Creative. Environmental. Abstract. Interesting. Educational. Fun. Stylish. Modern. mmmm I think that just about sums up the gorgeous furniture from Tambino! The stool would definitely be a talking piece in any bedroom or playroom and add a touch of modern style. Made from solid Birch Plywood, there are no small or moving parts and all the [...]

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Leander Change Table!

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Going into production this month is the new Leander Change Table which will be available from February 2011 through your Leander stockist. There is a major difference with this change table compared to other change tables on the market and that is….. it can be transformed into this stylish desk! The surface is fully height adjustable [...]

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