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Get Organised!

I am Here!

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I think this would have to be one of the best products I have come across since starting Boys Germs. Whether your child can read or not, getting them familiar with their neighbour, streets, landmarks etc is a fantastic way to stay safe. A little info from the creator…. The I am Here play mat [...]

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Lego Travel Box

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I have seen a few different versions of this idea but I love this one. You could even use one of those large nappy cases. Handy for in the car and on holidays. via kv barn

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Use a noodle to stop him rolling out!

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I see loads of ideas for pool noodles and this one is an awesome idea if you have moved your little guy into a big bed. Place a pool noodle under the fitted sheet to stop him rolling out of bed at night. Found via RainyDay1235

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Net Shelf!

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I don’t want to encourage balls in the house (because I don’t allow them….yes I’m a mean mum) but I thought this shelf looked pretty cool. It would be a great feature in a sports or boat themed room. If you are into DIY projects you could probably recreate it but I think I will just [...]

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Cards Organised!

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Playing cards can now be organised - in this cool soap box idea. As soon as I saw it I thought ‘why did I not think of that?’. Simple, cheap and will definitely stop you losing a card out of the set! via Shady Tree Diary

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Camo Cupcakes!

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What boy would not love these camouflage cupcakes at his birthday?? They look really amazing but creating them is pretty simple. Your boy will be soooo impressed with your baking skills. You don’t have to stick with army colours either. Imagine them in bright rainbow colours!! Visit Crafty Mama for the tutorial.

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Water Pinata Party Idea

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This reminds me of the water bomb fights my brothers and I had with other kids in our street when I was young. If you are planning a summer birthday party and are thinking of having a Pinata, why not use water balloons. The kids will love it! via Scrap Happy Heather

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Lego Food Cups!

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This idea would be awesome for a Lego Party or just on a weekend to make morning tea a little more interesting. I think I would make them bigger for a party to fit all the party food in plus they would be easy to clean. Love it! via muffintinmom

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Invites!

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These would have to be the best invitations I have come across for a Hungry Caterpillar party. I didn’t realise how popular The Very Hungry Caterpillar was until I started searching around one day on pinterest. These invites are really creative but I don’t think they would be too difficult to recreate. A trip to [...]

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Play under the bed!

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Why not make use of the area under his bed. You could really create some storage space which neatly tucks away when not in use. Put a play area on top of the drawers and you won’t need a play table in his room. This idea could prevent him creating a mess under his bed. via gltc

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