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Lego Travel Box

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I have seen a few different versions of this idea but I love this one. You could even use one of those large nappy cases. Handy for in the car and on holidays. via kv barn

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Cards Organised!

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Playing cards can now be organised - in this cool soap box idea. As soon as I saw it I thought ‘why did I not think of that?’. Simple, cheap and will definitely stop you losing a card out of the set! via Shady Tree Diary

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Play under the bed!

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Why not make use of the area under his bed. You could really create some storage space which neatly tucks away when not in use. Put a play area on top of the drawers and you won’t need a play table in his room. This idea could prevent him creating a mess under his bed. via gltc

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IKEA Plate Rack = Book Shelf

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I recently posted on the Facebook page a playroom that had lots of great ideas (see above). The thing that caught my eye was the wall mounted book rack. If you are living in the US you are lucky because these are from Pottery Barn Kids who do ship to Australia but the postage is [...]

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Lego Table that will help you sort!

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I don’t have time to sort Lego into colours, size etc. To be honest, all of our Lego is in two boxes and you have to search through to find that special little piece that is always hard to find (that noise does drive me crazy sometimes). I love Lego Tables and the storage containers on [...]

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Bike Rack – DIY Project

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This is a simply DIY project that you could create with plastic piping from Bunnings in a few hours and have all the bikes and scooters organised in the garage. Best of all, you could customise it to exactly how many bikes you have and easily add on to it as the collection grows. via Hostess With [...]

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Toy Storage & Seating with an Ikea Expedit Bookcase

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This is one that I may have to recreate myself. Loving the colour combinations and the wallpaper is soooo effective! Basically it is two Ikea Expedit Bookcases ($89) turned on their side with baskets from Target. Not only has it created great toy storage but add some cushions and it is great seating for kids at the right height for [...]

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Animal Jars

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You can never have enough containers, jars or boxes for kids bits and bobs and these animal jars are simple to make. Use an old jam jar (or pick one up from spotlight) and glue one of their old plastic toys on top (animals, army men, lego). Spray paint and let dry. Easy peasy! via House to [...]

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Just like the library!

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I love to find different ways to store books and make them look more interesting to kids. This idea reminds me of how it is at the library. It is also great for the big books that never seem to fit nicely on a shelf. via Apartment Therapy

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Activity Book Storage

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I think you could pick one of these up for $2 and it will keep the kids colouring books and pencils organised! I love love love this idea! I don’t think we need any instructions with this one! via Pinterest

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