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Is the cubby looking dull?

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If the cubby house is looking a little dull and boring or the boys want it to look more like a knights castle, why not spray paint it! The owner of this DIY project used three to four cans of Rustoleum spray paint to achieve this great result. The boys will think it is a [...]

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Climb and splash!

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One day when I get a pool….. found via AquaClimb

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Best little Grocer in town!

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Designed by a mum of two, this little Grocery Store would have to be the best in town. This creative mum, who has a background in Retail Design, was planning her daughters third birthday and could not resist the opportunity to create something special that would also be a lot of fun for years to come. Of [...]

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Gumboot Flowers

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If the boys have outgrown their gumboots and they are not in any condition to be a hand-me-down, why not get creative in the garden. They will be a cute reminder of all they fun they had in them. Found via Rosy ~ Posy

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Cubby House!

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I’m a huge fan of cubby houses. I don’t think I ever grew out of this stage. When my boys make them inside with a blanket, you will always find me either inside with them or making changes to it to make it bigger and better. When I found this two storey cubby house I [...]

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Small backyard solution!

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Backyards seem to be shrinking but we still need to create a playful space for our boys. We don’t always have time to take them to the park but we still want them outside in the sunshine. This area was created in a smallish backyard for two busy little boys and the result is awesome. [...]

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The Cubby House!

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I stumble across ALOT of cubby/tree houses that are just amazing (I might have to start posting about them). This one has to be my all time favourite which I why I decided to post about it. I love the way it is sitting up in the tree like it is meant to be there. Like the [...]

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Boat Sand Pit!

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If you have a pirate (I’m sure you have at least one, I have three) who loves to play with sand, they are going to love this idea. I don’t think anyone would have a boat lying around that they could use so you may have to go on a bit of a hunt. Once you [...]

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Backyard Chalkboard

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If you can’t handle chalk dust in the house, this is definitely the project for you. The advantages of this idea is that it could be hours of creative fun for the kids with no mess. It will cover up an ugly fence. The size is up to you and it could cost around $100 to make. via Apartment Therapy

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Hill Slide – Backyard Idea

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I wish I had a hill in my backyard now. I love the fact that this idea eliminates the chance of injury but still provides the fun of a normal slide…it would have to be a double slide too! One reader also suggested putting a pipe through the hill so the boys can climb through a tunnel. via [...]

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