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Favourite toys = Art

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I loooove this idea of taking photos of your child’s favourite toys and having them printed on canvas. Doesn’t have to be lego. Imagine their favourite teddy or matchbox car. I think they look effective in black and white but if you wanted to brighten a room, colour would be a great option. via iammommahearmeroar

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Dreamy Bedroom!

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There is so much I love about this room from the walls to the floors, the bed, the bookshelf, the art, I could go on and on. It tells so much about the little person who sleeps here….it has so much character and style. I love the fact it is filled with books! via

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Drawers with robot style

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If you have an old chest of drawers or just don’t like the look of the ones you have, why not paint them and match them to the theme of your boy’s bedroom. I came across this DIY project at Funcycled. Robots I think would be easy for a basic painter (as there are really [...]

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Why not the whole wall??

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You could frame a comic book and make it a great talking piece in your boy’s room but why stop there when you could do the whole wall. I think this looks amazing. It could bring so much life to a room and make it extra special! found via Pinterest via

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Net Shelf!

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I don’t want to encourage balls in the house (because I don’t allow them….yes I’m a mean mum) but I thought this shelf looked pretty cool. It would be a great feature in a sports or boat themed room. If you are into DIY projects you could probably recreate it but I think I will just [...]

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Book Art!

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This is a simple idea that will look great in a toy room or bedroom. If you don’t want to ruin your books, head down to the second hand book shop. They normally have a great range for a few dollars and you won’t feel so bad about cutting the book up. This is one DIY [...]

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3D Dinosaur Room!

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If your little guy is into dinosaurs this 3D wall art will really bring them to life. I think they would look amazing in a toy room. Beetling Creations are made using blended foam and a non-toxic, child safe material that is extremely light weight and durable. For further information and to view the other [...]

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Attic Bedroom with IDEAS!

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The whole idea of having a bedroom in the attic would be exciting for my boys (I don’t think they would care if it was empty). Attics are just such an adventurous place that inspires the imagination. They are the cubby house in the house. This bedroom features an awesome bed inside the cupboard idea that [...]

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Tree bunk!

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This simple idea would create a great feature in a bedroom. I love how the branches provide a rail type barrier for the top bunk. via designeast

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The Dinosaur Effect!

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There is so much I love about this room apart from how neat and tidy it is. The dinosaur wall makes such a huge impact in the room, like a dinosaur would. The beds are a feature in themselves. The banner adds some simple colour as does the comfy carpet. Sometimes less is more! via [...]

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