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Dinosaur Terrarium

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My boys have been asking me for a dog for the last few months. The other day when I explained to them that it just wasn’t possible at the moment I had a little giggle when they then asked me for a dinosaur. This got me thinking that maybe there was a way that this could be possible. [...]

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Under the table hammock!

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I wish I was small enough to fit under here! A perfect little space for your little one to relax, read a book or take a snooze. The boys will looooove it! I bet you are thinking – why didn’t I think of that! found via joyfulabode

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A Playroom you will want for yourself!

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I think I would find myself sitting in this room myself while the boys are at school. I love every inch of it. The striking colour, the lounge, the lamp, the storage, the fun light, etc etc. It has definitely given me some ideas for when the boys outgrow their playroom. Found via Makely Home

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Book Art!

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This is a simple idea that will look great in a toy room or bedroom. If you don’t want to ruin your books, head down to the second hand book shop. They normally have a great range for a few dollars and you won’t feel so bad about cutting the book up. This is one DIY [...]

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Matchbox Car Art!

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Turn toys into colourful art! We have loads of matchbox cars and the boys never seem to get bored of playing with them. We would probably have enough to create this. I think it would look great in a playroom and could be a little bit of fun for the boys at pack away time. For [...]

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Story Stairs!

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If you have stairs that lead up to an attic or playroom, you may want to create this idea. It is a cute way to remind the boys of all the classic story books that we once read. Makes me wish I had stairs to do something creative like this. via myidealhome

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Repurposed Coffee Table

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If you have an old coffee table or small table that you don’t like the style of anymore and it is taking up room in the garage, this is a great DIY project that is sure to make it a useful piece of furniture in a toy room. With a bit of sandpaper and some chalkboard [...]

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IKEA Plate Rack = Book Shelf

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I recently posted on the Facebook page a playroom that had lots of great ideas (see above). The thing that caught my eye was the wall mounted book rack. If you are living in the US you are lucky because these are from Pottery Barn Kids who do ship to Australia but the postage is [...]

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Lights. Camera. Action. Playroom!

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If you have a little actor in the family who likes to present little shows to the family, he is going to love this idea in his playroom. It is a small budget DIY project that one family created for their little guy, basically out of items they had around the house. I think you could [...]

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My favourite Play Kitchen!

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It’s funny how play kitchens can have their own style about them just like a real kitchen. I love the DIY kitchens that parents have created themselves out of tv units and bedside tables. This isn’t one of those but I LOVE it. It is so unique, stylish and can I say ‘homely’. It has inspired me to [...]

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