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Paper Plate Sewing!

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Apart from the fact that this is a great fine motor skill activity, I think every boy should learn how to sew. You never know when you will need to sew on a button or fix a hem. via Prekinders

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Penguin Water Bottle project!

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A great weekend project that I think would be easy enough for a toddler to do. I’m sure the older boys would love to join in on this one! via prekandksharing

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Noodle Horse!

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Can’t afford a horse…how about a noodle horse?? I love the fun DIY projects that people are creating with pool noodles and this one gave me a giggle. Simple to make and the kids would love them. I actually thing they would be more comfortable to use than the wooden stick type! via Mrs King [...]

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Aeroplane Clip with magnet

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A fun little project with a clothes peg and paddle pop sticks for the kids but add a magnet to the back and mum can use it too! Make It: Paint one spring-style clothespin, two craft sticks, and one mini craft stick in your child’s favorite colors. Once dry, glue a craft stick on top and [...]

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Empty Bottles on Wheeeeels!

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This is an awesome DIY idea. Instead of recycling your empty bottles why not get creative and add some wheels to them….your boys will love them. The handles of the bottles are great for little fingers to grab hold of too! via taringa

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Handprint Alphabet!

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I love this idea to the tips of my fingers! I great learning  experience while getting your hands dirty. via Living On A Coupon

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Alphabet Treasure Hunt

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I’m loving this idea for holidays or even a party. You could play this indoors or out and make it hard or easy. Such a simple idea, they won’t even know that it is educational as well as fun. via Play Dr Mom

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Egg Carton People

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This would have to be the best DIY project I have found for egg cartons. These cute little characters will be lots of fun for your kids to make then play with. You can keep them simple with paint and a hole punch or glue accessories onto them to make them even more fancy. Found via Michele [...]

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