Why not the whole wall??

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You could frame a comic book and make it a great talking piece in your boy’s room but why stop there when you could do the whole wall. I think this looks amazing. It could bring so much life to a room and make it extra special! found via Pinterest via nytimes.com

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Use a noodle to stop him rolling out!

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I see loads of ideas for pool noodles and this one is an awesome idea if you have moved your little guy into a big bed. Place a pool noodle under the fitted sheet to stop him rolling out of bed at night. Found via RainyDay1235

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Is the cubby looking dull?

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If the cubby house is looking a little dull and boring or the boys want it to look more like a knights castle, why not spray paint it! The owner of this DIY project used three to four cans of Rustoleum spray paint to achieve this great result. The boys will think it is a [...]

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Net Shelf!

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I don’t want to encourage balls in the house (because I don’t allow them….yes I’m a mean mum) but I thought this shelf looked pretty cool. It would be a great feature in a sports or boat themed room. If you are into DIY projects you could probably recreate it but I think I will just [...]

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Climb and splash!

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One day when I get a pool….. found via AquaClimb

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Dinosaur Terrarium

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My boys have been asking me for a dog for the last few months. The other day when I explained to them that it just wasn’t possible at the moment I had a little giggle when they then asked me for a dinosaur. This got me thinking that maybe there was a way that this could be possible. [...]

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Under the table hammock!

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I wish I was small enough to fit under here! A perfect little space for your little one to relax, read a book or take a snooze. The boys will looooove it! I bet you are thinking – why didn’t I think of that! found via joyfulabode

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Animal Art

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With a bit of paint and the boys’ dinosaur collection I think I could manage this DIY project. A jungle animal one would look amazing too! Via Paperyandcakery

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Paper Plate Sewing!

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Apart from the fact that this is a great fine motor skill activity, I think every boy should learn how to sew. You never know when you will need to sew on a button or fix a hem. via Prekinders

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A Playroom you will want for yourself!

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I think I would find myself sitting in this room myself while the boys are at school. I love every inch of it. The striking colour, the lounge, the lamp, the storage, the fun light, etc etc. It has definitely given me some ideas for when the boys outgrow their playroom. Found via Makely Home

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